A little update after a long absence

So, as you can see I haven’t been very active updating this blog.  I have had lots to say and not so much time to write.  Or ability to write.  Or maybe desire. It’s a little daunting writing about your personal life so openly, especially when you are trying to make your personal life WORK.

Here is the short run down:

1. I fell in love with my girlfriend.

She’s an amazing, kind, loving woman and I fell hard.  And deep.

2. I’m for-sure bisexual.

Would you look at that, the obvious becomes even more obvious.  Guess gender isn’t the thing I discriminate by.  Height and possibly hair color are factors I discriminate by (I guess).  Gender is not.

3. I’m engaged and married.

I asked my girl to marry me (and first I asked my husband if this was okay). He said yes. She said yes, then she said no while she sorted out her feelings about our triad.  She took a few months, then she said yes.  Feelings sorted, I WIN.

4. I’m probably having too many threesomes.

Threesomes with a lesbian and a straight man who aren’t romantically interested in each other probably don’t work as well as threesomes with people who are sexually and romantically compatible.  So we should probably stop having threesomes, but I guess everyone is enjoying them so we won’t.

5.  I’m moving.

Saturday my hubby and I are moving to her neighborhood.  I’m excited, but this is going to change things (she’ll be 5 min away, walking). I’m a little apprehensive, but hoping for the best.

So that’s it.  Any questions?


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