Polyday Review


We went to poly day UK 2012 last weekend.   What an utter disappointment. The cost was £15 per person and it was clear, almost right away, that we had drastically overpaid for what we got. It was the big failures that were unforgivable, but because the big things were so bad, the little things were absolutely infuriating. For instance, the organizers gave us children’s markers, with no points, to sign our name tags and write on flip chart paper.  Did you get that?  Markers that purposefully had no points. If everything else had gone right I would have forgotten about it.  But nothing did go right. We arrived and the attendants taking the money were less than cordial. My husband gave them £30 and the attendant, quite rudely, asked him “What are you paying for?” (Small thing)

While we were filling out our nametags with our stunted markers, one of the presenters showed up and they asked her to pay to get in.  How can they ask one of the lecturers to pay to attend?  (Big thing)

The venue was too small for the number of people there, and because there were too many people it smelled quite poorly upstairs. (Medium thing)

The workshops were disappointing. The ones we went to were focused on us and the knowledge that we brought. I wouldn’t mind this being the case once or twice, but I wasn’t interested in being the “expert” the entire time. The reason I paid was to hear from people who know a little bit more about polyamory than I do.  I was especially disappointed with the academic session.  In this one, the researcher who had studied jealousy in polyamory simply pointed to her findings which were written on a small sheet up front and then asked us what we wanted to be studied on. Instead of using her unique knowledge to inform us and then asking us for suggestions for future study at the end, she wasted our time to further her own pursuits.

I was really looking forward to polyday, especially after the reviews I had heard from the previous year.  My partners and i were displeased with the workshops  and we left early.  Fortunately, we met another great couple at the event, so the entire day wasn’t a waste.  In the future, however, I think I’ll pass on the event.


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