Fighting, Round I.

Relationships are hard.  That’s why I thought I’d take two of thm on at the same time.  Glutton for punishment, I guess.

My current issue?

Being supportive of my husband’s efforts to find another woman.

My husband has, thus far, been unlucky in his pursuit of another woman for companionship or sex.  It’s a hard world out there for men, and especially for a man who works from home and it is hard to meet potential honeys when you don’t know a lot of people. Triply hard if that man is married and NOT looking to cheat.  A lot of women are put off by a man who loves his wife and wants to be honest with her about having extramarital relationships (and yet completely willing to hop in bed with a man who wants to be dishonest about it, go figure).

Without much ado, here is our latest issue.

He wants to talk to me about girls he is interested in seeing and wants me to be supportive or neutral, but I think the women he is chasing are bad news. He thinks I’m being hypocritical and too negative, and I think he shouldn’t expect me to be a “neutral” party when I have an interest in the situation.

Luckily, we just cleared up the issue last night, but first we spent several days arguing about other issues.  Like what kind of language is acceptable during an argument, and whether or not he does, in fact, hate and despise me.  Once we got past that mess, the poly bit only took a few minutes to clear up.

So here goes

1. He should not expect me to be a neutral party, and he should not bring up poly issues that he deeply cares about in a nonchalant, throw-away manner.

2. I should be aware that my opinion is very important to him.

That’s about all for the poly argument.

Truly, the death of us will not be this poly business. It’s just a new face for old problems.


*I am so utterly behind that as I post this I’ve fought with my husband and made up, then fought with my fiance and made up. Polyamory!  Totally awesome if you want to have superserious talks about big issues all the ****ing time sometimes.


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