Polyamory and school make me tired.

I think I just said it all in the title, didn’t I? No time for sex or school or anything at all. The fact that I’m up right now is crazy.  I should be working on my homework, or my CV or doing something productive.

I read a really nice article here, just about polyamory in general. I also finally read that civil unions between more than two people are legal in the Netherlands.  If so, I need to move there.

I’m longing to live with my fiance. I’m so lucky to have her, even if I don’t have her forever. Please remind me of that if she decides to leave. I’m continually pessimistic about our relationships future survival. I want it to work. I want it work. All I can do is try and try and try. But I really think monogamy might be her game. And it really isn’t mine.



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