Polyday Review


We went to poly day UK 2012 last weekend.   What an utter disappointment. The cost was £15 per person and it was clear, almost right away, that we had drastically overpaid for what we got. It was the big failures that were unforgivable, but because the big things were so bad, the little things were absolutely infuriating. For instance, the organizers gave us children’s markers, with no points, to sign our name tags and write on flip chart paper.  Did you get that?  Markers that purposefully had no points. If everything else had gone right I would have forgotten about it.  But nothing did go right. We arrived and the attendants taking the money were less than cordial. My husband gave them £30 and the attendant, quite rudely, asked him “What are you paying for?” (Small thing) Continue reading

Speed Dating the Poly Way

This past Friday we had the opportunity to attend a Poly Speed Dating Event in London.  Now, if you are like me, you probably went “poly speed dating?… How does that work?!”  To be quite honest, curiosity was a major factor in our attendance. That, and general misunderstanding that seems to occur when we are all too polite to each other.  As in, “oh, I thought you were the one who wanted to go…” At least we are all trying to keep each other happy, I guess. Continue reading