What do you do when your wife wants an open relationship?

Contrary to common opinion, it isn’t always the husband that wants an open marriage. The realization that your partner wants to change from a monogamous relationship to an open one can be difficult no matter what sex they are.  Whether the wife or husband wants to open the relationship makes little difference. So what do you do when your partner wants an open relationship? What do you do when you don’t?

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Rules for Your Open Relationship – and 1 Rule to Avoid!

Every open relationship needs a set of guidelines.  These could be rules that you’ll both abide by for the remainder of your relationship or they could be flexible guiding principles.  Relationship guidelines are just another strategy we can use to keep jealousy at bay and keep our partners needs in mind.


What principles should an open relationship have? 

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How did I become open?


I imagine a lot of people I know would be surprised to find me in an open relationship.  As I child I was religious and exceptionally prude.  When boys asked for my number I used to lie and tell them I had a boyfriend, even if I thought they were cute.  My husband was my first sexual partner.  So how did I go from one extreme to the other?  What triggered the change?


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