Coming Out of the Closet to My Family

Some of my friends know that I’m in an open relationship, but I never broached the subject with my family until today when I came out as open and bisexual.  I never really imagined I was going to tell them about this aspect in my life at all – then I started dating this girl and I had to share it with my mom.


First, let me note that I like this girl way too much for my own good and we haven’t known each other long enough at all for me to mention her to my mom, but I did anyway. I don’t want to say any more about her without her permission, so I’ll stop there.

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There is a Woman Emailing My Husband!


Today I find myself in a rather odd situation. There is a woman flirting with my husband online, through Facebook and through email.  She recently initiated contact and she’s even sending him dirty pictures of herself.  Of course, since I’m in an open relationship that isn’t a problem.  The problem is she doesn’t know we are in an open relationship.

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How did I become open?


I imagine a lot of people I know would be surprised to find me in an open relationship.  As I child I was religious and exceptionally prude.  When boys asked for my number I used to lie and tell them I had a boyfriend, even if I thought they were cute.  My husband was my first sexual partner.  So how did I go from one extreme to the other?  What triggered the change?


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