Polyamory: Married and Dating… but I gots no TV.

I’m dying to see Polyamory: Married and Dating.  I know it’ll be trash, but I want to see it! I keep seeing people criticizing the sex in the show.  I know a lot of the poly community wants to make us seem like we all have one on one sex (one on one kinky sex, apparently, but still 1:1).  I get it, we want to seem more normal, it isn’t all about sex and we don’t want to emphasize the sexy parts.  But, uh, I do have sex with more than one person and I sometimes have sex with more than one person at a time. It’s one o’ the perks of my non-monogamy.

I also hear people are criticizing it for being too white.  No joke, I haven’t seen loads of other minority polyamorists running around at the meet-ups I’ve attended.  I definitely get to feeling like the token black at these places. Maybe it’ll look less white when it is less white.