Polyamory: Married and Dating – I seen it!


Just saw Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating, and yes, it is garbage. Annoying, pretentious people practicing polyamory in the most dramatic of fashions. I hardly think they understand what the term polyamory means. One of the women says repeatedly that she doesn’t want to share one of her lovers. I want to slap her (I want to slap them all, really) and say “she doesn’t belong to you!” Part of polyamory is recognizing that you do not own another human being.


I watched two episodes, and it seems that every episode contains about 45 seconds of the real nitty-gritty issues of polyamory. This, of course, is followed by awkward and very un-sexy sex. The problem isn’t that there is too much sex, it is that the sex is so unnappealing and random.


I liked the little smidgeons of seriousness. The blonde girlfriend in the triad with the married couple notes that she always feels less important because she’s the girlfriend and they are husband and wife . My fiance feels this acutely. That’s something I’d love the show to delve into. Of course, they didn’t. It’s a reality TV show. What more can you expect?